Guidelines for couples desiring to be married in the Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church  

Table of contents:

- Church decorations

- Confetti

- Contact details

- Exchange of rings

- Legal requirements

- Length of service

- marrige fees

- Music

- On the wedding day

- Order of Service




- Photographs and videos

- Pre-marriage interview/counselling

- Rehearsal

- Scripture readings

- Selection of bible readings

- Selection of hymns

- Selection of wedding vows

- Signing of the documents

- The marrige service

- Ushers

Church Decorations
The Church can provide end-of-pew decorations. 
PLEASE NOTE that if you wish to provide your own 'end of pew' decoration, such must be attached with ribbon,rubber bands  or string loops only and under no circumstances may blue tack, pins, glue or any sort of adhesive tape be used, as this may cause damage to the church's heritage pews.  Please ensure that your flower provider is fully aware of this stipulation.


It is the responsibility of the bridal couple to provide appropriate floral decorations for their wedding.  Normally, the flowers for such an occasion consist of two large arrangements for the stands on either side of the Communion Table.   Suggested locations for smaller arrangements are the two alcoves above the pulpit as well as for the tables at the beginning of each aisle — six arrangements in all.


The Church can supply, as required and at no cost, attractive white silk flower arrangements for the ends of pews.

The church congregation would appreciate your willingness to leave some, if not all, of your wedding flowers in the Church to decorate it for the Sunday Worship Service(s).   Please let the Minister know if this is your wish. 

Please advise all your guests that the throwing of confetti or rice is not permitted in the Church or its grounds.   The use of bubbles outside the Church is suggested. Rose petals and other similar items are not permitted within the church under any circumstances but may be used outside providing they are swept up after the service.

Exchange of Rings 
Mutual exchanges of rings are now very popular.  The rings can be engraved with the name of the marriage partner and the date of the wedding.  Hence, the Groom will wear the ring with the Bride’s name and Bride with the Groom’s name.  You may like to choose one of the following statements for such an exchange.


a) Repeat Version​

With this ring, ........ I thee wed, to have and to hold, ...... from this day forward,  ...... 
for better, for worse, ...... for richer for poorer; ...... in sickness and in health ...... 
to love and to cherish till death do us part . .......

b) Declaration Version:

(Name) as you place your ring on (name's) left ring finger  
Do you promise to take (Groom/Bride) as your wedded (husband/wife) 
To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish till death do us part?
I DO.  

Legal Requirements
In order for your marriage to be celebrated, the Notice of Intended Marriage must be completed and given to the officiating minister at least a month and a day before your wedding. When submitting, for those born in Australia, the Minister at least one calendar month before your wedding. When submitting, the minister must also sight original full Birth Certificates 

Length of service   
The marriage service, including the signing of the Register, will normally take from 30 to 40 minutes. The couple should be able to leave the Church 60 minutes after the Bride arrives.


Schedule of Wedding Fees effective 1 April 2019

Wedding, minister & organist officiating

Use of Church                                                  $500

Minister (including notice of Intent).              $350

Organist                                                            $300

TOTAL                                                                $1150


Use of Hall or Grounds for reception/light refreshments $200 plus $100 cleaning deposit. (refundable if no cleaning required)


(non-refundable deposit due with Notice of Intention: $425, balance payable at rehearsal )


Pre-marriage Counselling: (PREPARE/ENRICH) Recommended

if by officiating minister                                                      $100


Use of Church Only, ie own minister and no organist     $2000

(no minister still has to be approved by the parish Minister)

(includes a non-refundable deposit of $600, payable at booking)

Change of information
Please notify the officiating minister immediately of any changes to the information given or any change in date or time.

The music for your wedding may be chosen in consultation with the Minister and the Organist and should be finalised well before the wedding.   
You will need processional music for entering and leaving the Church.  Music will be played by the organist for about fifteen minutes before the scheduled commencement of the service.  The Hymn/s and music used in the Church for your wedding should be sacred music (classical or modern).  Current popular songs are best kept for the reception!   
The Church has sufficient copies of the Revised Church Hymnary, or the new 4th Edition, however, other hymns may be requested in this case we suggest that you print the words of the Hymns in your order of service for your guests.

On the Wedding Day  
The Groom and his attendants should arrive at the Church at least fifteen minutes before the announced time of the service. The Vestry is available for them to wait for the arrival of the Bridal Party. The bride should be courteous and arrive as far as possible on time. (acceptable tradition is 5 minutes late) 

Order of Service 
It is the responsibility of those wanting to be married to have orders of services printed. These can be printed by most printers or suitable service folders can be purchased from Christian Bookshops.

Photographs and Videos 
Video recordings may be made with the available light. Photographers are to liaise with the Minister regarding the position from which photos may be taken.

Pre-marriage interview/counselling  
While not yet a legal requirement, couples are strongly encouraged to attend pre-marriage counselling with the minister who is authorised to take couples through the PREPARE/ENRICH Program. Alternatively, couples may choose to organise their own counselling through an accredited counselling service

Before the Wedding the bridal party will have the opportunity to rehearse in the Church and this can be arranged with the Minister usually on the preceding Thursday evening. 

Scripture Readings  
In conjunction with the Minister, suitable passages from Scripture to be read during the service can be selected. You may like a member of your family, or friends to read such readings during the service, or the Minister can read them.

A selection of Bible readings for use in the marriage service. 
As you are coming to the Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church to be married in God’s sight it is appropriate to have God’s Word read during the service.  It is usual for there to be at least one and preferably two Bible readings during the service, ideally one from each of the Old and New Testaments. 

If scripture passages are to be read by a family member or friend it is important that the reader should have a good, clear voice.  

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 12.34.45

Hymns for your Wedding Service 
The Church has the following hymn books, Revised Church Hymnary.(1925) and the Church Hymnary Edition 4 (Canterbury, 2005) If hymns from another Hymn Book are desired then these must be approved by the Minister and Organist. The most commonly used hymns for weddings are as follows.  

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 12.37.10

Wedding Vows  
The Bride and Groom may select one of the following vows for use in their marriage service.
If you would like to vary these vows please discuss with your officiating Minister.  

Vows as Questions: 

(Groom), do you take (Bride) to be your wedded wife, and do you in the presence of God and before this congregation promise and covenant to be to her a loving, faithful and dutiful husband as long as you both shall live ....... 
(Bride) do you take (Groom) to be your wedded husband, and do you in the presence of God and before this congregation promise and covenant to be to him a loving, faithful and dutiful wife as long as you both shall live.


Vows as Statement:​

I, (Groom) do hereby take you (Bride) to be my wedded wife .... and in the presence of God ... and before this congregation ... I promise and covenant to be to you .... a loving, faithful and dutiful husband .... as long as we both shall live.

I, (Bride). do hereby take you (Groom) to be my wedded husband, and in the presence of God and before this congregation I promise and covenant to be to you a loving, faithful and dutiful wife as long as we both shall live. 

Signing of the documents  
All the necessary documents will normally be signed in the Vestry or at a side table.  It is useful if a soloist etc. is able to entertain your guests during the completion of the legal documents.  



The Marriage Service  
This is the Order of Service, which may be printed with such additional information as is desired for your guests.  (When requested please stand to welcome the Bridal party.)


  • The Bridal Procession 

  • Call To Worship 

  • Hymn/Psalm;  (Optional — insert details of the Hymn)
                           Would the Congregation please stand for the singing of the Hymn  

  • The Statement of Intent

  • Solo   (if desired)

  • Reading of the Scriptures (see below)  

  • The Marriage  - Declarations

Giving of the Bride
The Marriage Vows
The Exchange of Rings
The Declaration of the Marriage 
The Blessing


  • Words of Counsel and presentation of Bible

  • Prayer

  • Hymn  (Optional — insert details of the Hymn) 
               Would the Congregation please stand for the singing of the Hymn

  • The Benediction 

  • The Signing of the Official Documents

  • The Recessional

You will need to organise ushers to show your guests to their seats and to give out the orders of service (if you have them). An Usher will also need to be delegated to inform the Minister and the Groom’s Party on the arrival of the Bride and her party.